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Nowadays, every computer user has at least a couple of MP3 songs stored on his computer. That's because it's much easier to listen to an MP3 song than an audio CD. Listening to an audio CD requires inserting the disc into the drive, selecting the player and so on. All these can take a lot of time. At the same time, MP3 files have almost the same quality as audio CDs, but take up less disk space and are more convenient to play. Not to mention the fact that more and more devices support this file format.

The problem is that there are numerous audio formats besides MP3 and certain players or media devices cannot play them all. That's why it's important to have a converter installed, in order to transform every audio file into MP3. The same goes for audio CDs, which should be converted to MP3 files, for making them more convenient to play. But the problem is what software to use for this task. One of the best programs in this area is MP3 Toolkit.

The word toolkit included in the program's name suggests the fact that there are several tools included in the program's package. The first tool allows converting a wide range of audio formats into MP3 files. The program allows adding more audio files at the same time into the interface and even complete music folders. MP3 Toolkit can also rip any audio CD into MP3 songs, which is useful especially if you have a large pile of discs.

In case you have a lot of MP3 files and you need to organize them all, you may need to adjust and correct the ID3 tag information for each of them. MP3 Toolkit includes a dedicated feature for this, which can modify the tag information for several music files at the same time.

But the functionality of MP3 Toolkit doesn't stop here, as it also includes features for splitting and joining MP3 files. This is useful for splitting audio books into chapters or joining them together, for making it easier to share. MP3 Toolkit also has a recording facility, which can record the sound generated by almost any application, for example, a live radio stream being played.

It features a lot of useful tools for dealing with MP3 files. Besides that, audio files and audio CDs can be converted to MP3 songs, using various quality settings. Furthermore, the program can automatically correct the tag information for several MP3 songs at the same time. Moreover, MP3 files can be split or joined using the special program feature.

None I could think of.

MP3 Toolkit includes everything you need for efficiently working with MP3 files, allowing you to convert a wide range of music formats into MP3s.

(Reviewed by FindMySoft)

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